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Today, attitudes about relationships are turned upside down — with texting and online dating, unemployment and female independence, the dynamics are evolving.

For the first time in history, the marriage rate has dropped below 50 percent.

The most common stress is raising kids, along with work, in-laws, and other life changes.

I created the Emotionally Connected Couples Coaching (EC3) in response to the three most common marital issues, stupid fights, betrayals (infidelity) and feeling like you are roommates.

For most of us it is Holiday Time, but the weather does not really cooperate with this week off.......

So, (if you are not on a holiday) why not take a look at your garden and prepare it for the summer?

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So we decided to build a new table with the same design but from a different type of wood and we fell for Douglas.

This wood is suitable for in- and outside use and is both heavy and strong.

The design is made for multiple purposes: With some pillows you create a bench on which you can sit and relax outside, but also as a low table.

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