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20-Dec-2019 19:29

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The very idea of being with someone based on the superficial notions of “appearances” and “financial security” is utterly Society often deems a girl crazy merely because she openly loves sex.Now, if you could choose between a girl who is afraid to own her sexuality and a girl who want to have mind-blowing sex with you all the of time, you would choose the latter right?In fact, there’s a little crazy inside of all of us.When going to school to get my Masters in counseling I was warned by my teachers that when reading the DSM—the bible of mental health disorders—I would crazy because it talks about behaviors we all display at one point or another.(To me, this seems equivalent to identifying as Bipedal because you walk on two legs.Nothing against those without two legs, but most people have them, so why go to the trouble of pointing it out? So essentially Mel couldn’t have sex with this chick until they developed an emotional connection, but her toes were fair game.In an attempt to shed light on what it is like to be with a person who is disordered—or as the layman would call it “crazy”—I’m offering a list of the two types of mental health afflictions and what it is like to be in relationship with someone who is suffering from them.

In a limerent relationship, you want the person for you and it feels smothering,” Wakin explains.

This type of crazy comes with a diagnosis that often goes unnoticed until your heart is going for broke.

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