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21-Dec-2019 02:27

As your colleagues, we would be very happy for you. I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten a chance to work with somebody like you. Happy Birthday and may every wish of yours come true! I wish you much happiness on the day of your birthday. You help me when I need help and cover for me when I go to the bathroom. This year, we at the office hope all your birthday wishes come true. What I mostly enjoy at work is working with a pleasant and kind person like you. A great colleague is not just a person who is a top performer, but a person who gives team members the opportunity to perform and shine too. I am glad I got rejected in my previous job interview otherwise I would never have met an amazing colleague like you. Hope you have a stress-free day full of joy and laughter. The most amazing thing about working with you is how you make time fly. Working with you is a truly great and delightful experience. Sharing my work days with you gives me all the strength and guidance I need to be not only a better worker, but a better man too. Happy birthday to the colleague who removes the blues out of Monday morning and adds life to Friday night drinks. In the corporate world where competition is cut-throat, helpful and supportive colleagues like you are more important than college degrees. Wishing you a nice promotion with an even nicer raise.

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To flirt and possibly have sex and/or relationship with the other person. is sending someone a close up of your privates a good idea? They are lines, canned, overly sexual and WON’T get you the results you want. Well if you are a guy, you are most likely going to set of a girls fear response and she will shut down. He waited for her to initiate sex talk before he continued with it and when she did he didn’t take it too far. When it comes to those water-cooler moments, office gossip is thriving with most of us believing (or perhaps assuming!) think that between 20-40% of our colleagues have slept with someone who works at the office.Girls don’t like to be treated as if they only have one thing to offer you and sexting clearly is communicating only one thing. Turning people on with your brain, not a ten year old line stolen from an 80’s movie. Me: I think I might have to keep you away from the cat box Her: ROLFL, shut up! Here is another one that uses excellent sexting banter to build attraction.

If you are a girl sexting a guy, he is only going to respond one way. Girls don’t sleep with guys that are only looking for sex. Guys don’t take girls seriously that pretend they only want sex. Sexting with banter can be broken down in so many ways but lets keep it simple and stick with being playful and funny. Her: So I haven’t heard from you in a while Me: Can’t stop thinking about me huh?

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