Why darwin was wrong about dating

12-Dec-2019 02:40

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It is mandatory that students learn and reproduce the doctrines of evolution.Every where you turn textbooks indicate that they are based on the religion (falsely called science) of evolution. Evolution is the lamest idea, but loudest and most devastating lie that could ever be contrived out of Hell.At first it's very scary – but in the past couple of years people have begun to free their minds." Both he and co-researcher Dr Ford Doolittle stressed that downgrading the tree of life doesn't mean the theory of evolution is wrong just that evolution is not as tidy as we would like to believe.Dr Doolittle, of California University, said: "We should relax a bit on this.There isn’t enough food to go around, so you have to be strong to survive.Isn’t it obvious when you see rams butting heads and wolves pushing for dominance at the kill?

Dr Bapteste said: "If you don't have a tree of life what does it mean for evolutionary biology.Many biology texts today still refer to the appendix as a 'vestigial organ.'" Maybe, Dr. We know how difficult it must be to finally come around to what creationists have been saying all along, but why should there be even the slightest hesitation about correcting a known mistake in biology textbooks?

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