Webcam 666

17-Apr-2020 06:31

Once again, go to a different system on your network (or use Mozilla on the same system) and this time point the browser to the Web page your created like so: Your Web page with the embedded cam image file should be displayed.Move the camera around a bit and make sure the image is updating.If necessary your should use low non-zero values (2 to 5) to reduce these loads.If you don't need frequent updates you can conserve resources by using values of 10 to 15 or even 30 to 60 (set the Web page refresh time a little longer than the webcam delay time).HAHAHA) Thanks to you, I've gotten a lil more adventurous & naughty..check out my updated Amazon Wish List inspired by YOU! If im Bored & noone is talking, i will probably leave. Cant wait to explore myself more & have more exciting fun with you. So Dont be shy ( I do Bite ) PLAY WITH ME when you're in MY room! When at work- if you tip for something i clearly cant pull off, although I DO LOVE A CHALLENGE, and I Just MIGHT Surprise You- but if i cant, I'll make it up to you. When im at the office, dont ask me to include my co-workers!! Show me some love and thank you for making me smile and contributing to my new car fund!

Thumbnails are automatically generated from the pictures.If your system is connected to the Internet via broadband or modem, have a distant friend or relative try to access it using the public IP address assigned via DHCP by your ISP (or your Web server's URL if you're using dynamic DNS) in place of the IP address above.