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He points out that the occurrence of this fear must happen in order for the child to develop a sense of self-control over the feelings of fear.The onset of fear activates a sudden surge of adrenalin that serves to teach a child how to handle this physiological reaction and to learn to sooth him or herself in that moment.And by presenting it on a normal laptop screen, the film both looks fresh and has an eerie timeliness.That laptop belongs to Blaire (Shelley Hennig), a teen who's having a lusty chat on Skype with her boyfriend Mitch (Moses Storm) when they're joined by their lively friends Adam, Jess and Ken (Will Peltz, Renee Olstead and Jacob Wysocki), and later by Val (Courtney Halverson).But there's also a mysterious unknown caller online who begins to taunt them about the death of fellow student Laura (Heather Sossaman) exactly one year ago.Is Laura's ghost using social media to get even with the teens who used a viral You Tube clip to drive her to take her own life?

Essentially a combination of the found footage and teen slasher genres, the movie relies a bit too much on loud noises for its most frightening moments, but director Leval Gabriadze also builds a terrific sense of suspense as the plot escalates.

When my first child came along and I didn’t know any better, I made the fatal “dad mistake” when it came to helping her battle the monsters in her bedroom.

Unwittingly, I would frequently grab a baseball bat and head into her room in hopes of quelling her cries for help by standing ready to battle the imaginary monsters.

Fences is also from Paramount, another ambitious offering from a major studio, so props to Paramount for their extraordinary year.

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Martin Scorsese is my favorite director — readers of this site well know this — so it goes without saying that I will tend to lean in to anything he creates.Well known pediatrician and expert in child development, T.