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For this reason, he is remembered by some as the ' Father of English History.' Very little is known about Bede’s life outside of what he himself writes in the final chapter of the .

Bede was born in either 672 or 673 CE; he claims to have been born on the very grounds of the monastery of Jarrow.

What’s more, his linguistic skills helped him translate the early works in Latin and Greek, thus making them accessible to Anglo-Saxons and eventually contributing to English Christianity.

Apart from being an author, teacher and writer, Bede was an accomplished singer as well as a reciter of poems.

Also works on astronomy, medicine, physical science and grammar. (Introduced the custom of dating events from the birth of Christ).

Wrote works on the lives of five abbots and 114 saints as well as several biblical commentaries, hymns, verses and books.

His work was extremely influential in the generations after his death.

His most famous work, the ), has been a vital source for the study of early English history for centuries.

When he was seven, Bede was sent to Saint Benedict Biscop (January 12) at the monastery of Saint Peter at Wearmouth to be educated and raised.This would mean he was born in Bernicia, the northernmost of the two Northumbrian kingdoms (Bernicia and Deira were already united into the Kingdom of Northumbria by the time of his birth), in what is now Sunderland.