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In this article we learn how to validate a Radio Button List and a Drop Down List using Java Script in ASP. Java Script provides a way to validate a form's data on the client's computer before sending it to the web server.If we try to perform all the validation on the server side then naturally the server is will take time to process the details and finally it will give a response to the client.In some cases, some of the data that had been entered by the client was in the wrong form or was simply missing.The server would then need to send all the data back to the client and request that the form be resubmitted with the correct information.

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Validating File Upload control for specific file type and required field. This article have described to validate Check Box, Check Box List, Drop Down List, File Upload, Radio Button, Radio Button List, Text Box using jquery. Roads, Creeks, Rivers, etc.) When I load the form and the map control, I want to create a Dynamic Table of Contents in the form of Check Boxes in order to control whether the Layers will be visible or not. I did find (don't remember where, the CHECKSTATE method, but was not able to implement it to any satisfaction. Set Item Check State(i, chkstate) Next End If End Sub Thanks Psycho. The original idea to use SIMPLE Check Boxes did not work, although I got very close. Load Dim Num Layers As Integer Num Layers = Ax Map Control1. Any ideas (I'll thank Psychocoder in advance...) Nolan That's actually a little trickier than most would think. Use A-Z breed index to easily locate new video clips with dogs that interest you most. TV every time you want to locate the newest funny dogs videos in a fast and easy way!

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[Validate At Least One Checked(new string[] , Error Message Resource Type=typeof(Error Message Resources), Error Message Resource Name="Select At Least One Topic")] public bool Checkbox1 public bool Checkbox2 public bool Checkbox3 public bool Checkbox4 The aim was to get the check boxes all validating and keep the validations and their localization contained in the View Model.I mean, individually, a checkbox doesn't need to be checked, but your model requires one of them to be.