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26-Feb-2020 20:05

Megan fondly recalls a romantic whirlwind trip abroad in 2006 with her then-boyfriend. “I was straight out of school, and he did make significantly more money than me,” notes Megan, an East Village resident who asked to not use her last name (for fear of intimidating future boyfriends).

The pair started their journey in London, then worked their way across Europe, making pit stops at each country’s famed fashion houses — Chanel in France; Prada, Etro and Gucci in Italy — picking up fashionable pieces along the way. “But I was happy to contribute and pick up whatever I could.” After enduring the past winter, everyone in New York needs a vacation — but that balmy trip to St. A new study by the airline trade association Airlines for America shows costs for spring vacations are the highest they’ve been in six years.

she has to get something out of it other than a free trip to Disney. She came there, had drinks, and left the kids there. We've discussed taking some sauce cooking classes together as he and I love to cook.

He needs to step up, be a father and stop using the 4 year old as an excuse to spend time with the ex. The ex-wife showed up at a game watching party at his house with the kids. I, too, have had the concerns of them remarrying due to the amicable friendship.

He is still attached to his ex-wife and does not know the meaniong of the word, "Divorce", "Ex". As our courtship continues, I hadn't had any inteferences that I'm aware of.

He is still continuing to do the same things they have done when they were married. He has opened his home to me and informed me that I'm always welcome there.

With any vacation you plan, you have to think about where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and how much you’re willing to spend to do it.

But when you’re traveling for the first time with your significant other, there’s a whole other layer of factors to consider — if you still want to be dating by the end of the trip, that is.

You may want to zipline, hike, and seek adventure in other ways.

I have just started dating a guy who maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife. He informed me that they went to Disneyworld last year and that he asks her to go so that he can have a good time and so that she can manage the 4-year old. I mean, I know it was Mother's Day recently, but come on: going on a family vacation seems like a tad much for a divorcé.

He's taking his kids and ex-wife on vacation to Hawaii. Saying that "he'd always love her" is something to think about, even if he adds it's because she is a mother.

“It’s really easy to forget who paid for what on vacation, and that breeds resentment,” says Sullivan, 31. Each partner puts in 0 before you leave for the airport, and then all shared expenses — taxi, hotel, meals out — come out of the fund.

Money never changes hands, no one has to be repaid and everything automatically gets split 50-50.” His approach still allows for gifts: “If one person wants to treat the other to a zipline tour or dinner with a private chef, they can do so as a romantic gesture with their own money,” adds the Fort Greene resident.

Let’s say you’re about two months into the dating game and someone suggests a unique date idea: let’s go on a trip.