Updating your account information

04-Nov-2019 07:10

If you have attempted to make a change and have not received the confirmation email, verify that your spam controls are not preventing the message from being received.NOTE – Your account nickname cannot be changed once you have created your account.For security reasons, certain changes you make in your account require an email confirmation and prevent you from making other changes within a seven day period.Specifically, if you change your account email, payee name, or street address a confirmation email will be sent to the Account Email address listed in your account.To access the My Account page, click the Settings tab, then click My Account.

To update your credit card details: If you are on a trial and decide to sign up for a plan, or if you are looking to change the plan that you are on, you can do so from the Settings page in your admin.It is important to be mindful that you should only choose locations where you would actually be willing to accept employment should your name be reached.