Updating kitchen cabinets diy

05-Jan-2020 00:39

This product worked wonderfully and smelled great, however, it is a deglosser, so it will take the gloss off of any surface you use it on. I sprayed it directly onto my Scotch Brite sponge and then wiped the cabinets down with it. ) Here’s what you’ll need to paint your cabinets: 4-Inch Paint Roller Tray Purdy 2.5-Inch XL Brush or other good quality brush (2 or 2 1/2″) Nitrile Gloves (Again, if you can save on clean up…plus I used my fingers for clean up so they were covered in paint! My toughest decision was what kind of paint to use.

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If your cabinets are dark inside, you may or may not decide to paint the insides. Add caulk to any cracks or seams at the back of your cabinet. If you are painting the inside of the cabinets, roll on paint with the small roller and use the brush to smooth out the paint and get into the grooves. Measure the dimensions of the back of your cabinets. Lay the foam board on top of the fabric (wrong side facing up.) Step 9. The tension of the fabric and the board against the edges of the cabinet should hold it in place, no need to tape or glue anything!Your kitchen is right around the corner – all you need is a basic idea of your ideal kitchen, measurements of your space then book a free in-store design appointment to get your quote and design.