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12-Jun-2020 20:55

The static host name is the universal hostname, which can be selected by the system user, and is saved in the /etc/hostname file.Here, we will not going to discuss much about pretty, and transient hostnames classes, our main motive is to set system hostname, so here we go…

After making above changes, make sure to restart the network service to take new changes into effect and verify the IP address and network settings with the help of following commands.

To run the update, use the following command: We will use hostnamectl command, which is used to query and set system hostname and related settings.

This tool is used to manage three different hostnames classes and they are: static, pretty, and transient.

GCC upgrading has always been mystified, with suggestions ranging from "users do not need to do anything" to "users will need to rebuild the entire system twice".

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Most of this fear, uncertainty and doubt comes from the confusion surrounding ABI incompatibility. Some time ago, the execution of this command has been integrated in the package deployments itself (through the toolchain eclass) so there is no need for users to call this themselves anymore.

If you want to read the lengthy reasoning behind GCC upgrades, please continue with GCC upgrading explained.