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28-Jun-2020 05:39

Depending on the size of the home the new electrical panel will be at least 125 amps.Question: Would it be possible to put the circuit breaker box on the back exterior of house, and if so what type breaker box would be required.​​Every year in British Columbia there are approximately 180 home fires attributed to faulty or old electrical wiring.If you are living in an older home that is 40 years old or older, the wiring will likely show signs of deterioration and instability, and should be inspected and addressed immediately.

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If you upgrade the wiring or electrical panel (or both) in your home, some insurance companies will even provide you with a discount on your insurance premiums.Another sign of an issue is if the lights are flickering for no obvious reason or if outlets throw sparks when appliances are plugged into them.Additionally, if a fuse blows, it is best to have the wiring checked out instead of assuming that it was a one-time issue.The process of updating your electrical wiring for your home can be extremely stressful.

This is because the average person really does not know a lot about electricity and does not know how to begin when it comes to wiring.Speak with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for these savings before having electrical wiring upgrades done.

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