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21-Nov-2019 00:03

Having temporary child custody orders in effect before your divorce is finalized can prevent a lot of headaches.Not only can it help avoid misunderstandings with the other parent, it can also give you some recourse if the other parent doesn't comply with an agreed upon custody arrangement.As well as unearthing notable scandals and violations that have taken place over the company’s last three decades, this report charts several other key areas in which CCA has left a dubious legacy.From controversial economic and political ties to operational cost-cutting and depressing labor practices, CCA’s drastic efforts to maximize profits only serve to demonstrate the fundamental reasons why the for-profit prison industry is at odds with the goals of reducing incarceration rates and raising correctional standards.

Law enforcement executives know that when a shooting incident, report of sexual misconduct, or allegation of excessive force occurs, neither the news media nor the public want to hear that the officer was "off-duty." Since the chief or sheriff will have to deal with the aftermath of such an incident, knowing the limitations of agency controls on off-duty conduct will help limit the likelihood of an off-duty disaster, or at least mitigate or transfer the liability.

The Local Rules apply to attorneys and their staff members, to each Defendant representing himself/herself (hereinafter “pro se Defendants”), to all court staff, to witnesses and observers.