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19-Nov-2019 09:17

Mad as it might seem, it’s been nearly 10 years since Los Angeles rock quartet Warpaint first formed. I’m sitting in my bedroom, and I was just eating some breakfast…

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In 2009, they self-released their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse (which was mixed by Frusciante).The new album represents Mozgawa’s first full collaboration with Warpaint since she jointed shortly before the band recorded The Fool in late 2009, something that augmented the experience this time for everyone involved.The initial work on Warpaint began at a house in Joshua Tree in March of 2012, where the four musicians decamped to write and demo early ideas for the new songs.There was no immediate vision or goal, instead the band wanted to create a meditative place in which to channel inspiration.

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“We could come from any direction we wanted,” Kokal says.US band Warpaint make psychedelic dream pop, drenched in twangy, chiming guitars and haunting harmonies.