Statutory dating laws texas

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Attorney General Opinions - Provides access to the Texas Attorney General's opinions. Texas Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Opinion - Find Law cases for Texas Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.Legislature: Bill Information - Bill lookup from the Texas Legislature. Texas Administrative Code - The Texas Administrative Code from the Secretary of State. Special Court of Review Appointed by the Supreme Court - Find Law cases for Special Court of Review Appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas. Statutory Probate Courts - Located in the state's six largest metropolitan areas, these courts have original and exclusive jurisdiction over their counties' probate matters, guardianship cases, and mental health commitments. Texas Court of Appeals, 1st District - Opinions and resources from the Court.Peer pressure no doubt can play a significant role in teen sexting cases, as well.And misplaced trust can result in what was supposed to be a private and personal picture being widely circulated.statute_id=6999#statute-top] (under section (a)(2) of the law); * causing, permitting, encouraging, engaging in, or allowing pornographic or obscene [/statutes_detail.php? id=302&state_code=TX] and Federal Gun Laws [/laws_state_type.php? statelaw_name=Federal Gun Laws&state_code=US]for more information * Tex.

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Court of Appeals (5th Circuit) Opinions - Archive of published opinions dating back to 1991. (a) Definitions in this chapter apply to this title.(b) If, in another part of this title, a term defined by this chapter has a meaning different from the meaning provided by this chapter, the meaning of that other provision prevails.(c) Except as provided by this chapter, the definitions in Chapter 101 apply to terms used in this title. "Court" means the district court, court of domestic relations, juvenile court having the jurisdiction of a district court, statutory county court, constitutional county court, or other court expressly given jurisdiction under this title. id=592&state_code=TX&lang=en Note: If you commit violence to protect yourself or your children and the court believes you acted in self defense, then this is not family violence.** * Tex. id=592&state_code=TX&open_id=11137#content-10075] against a child of the family or household member: * physical injury that results in substantial harm to the child (or that has a real risk of resulting in substantial harm) * sexual conduct harmful to a child's mental, emotional, or physical welfare (including acts that come under the offense of continuous sexual abuse of young child [/statutes_detail.php? Code § 71.004(3) Dating violence is when an abuser commits an act that is: * intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury (physical pain, illness, or damage to your physical condition)*, assault or sexual assault; or * a threat that reasonably places you in fear of immediate physical harm, bodily injury (physical pain, illness, or damage to your physical condition),* assault or sexual assault.** The act must be committed against: * someone with whom s/he has or had a “dating relationship;” or * the new spouse or intimate partner of someone the abuser is/was married to or in a "dating relationship" with.** A dating relationship is defined as a relationship between people who have or had a continuing romantic or intimate relationship. Please see TX State Gun Laws and Federal Gun Laws for more information * Tex. Code §§ 85.021, 85.022 A protective order can order the abuser to: * stop committing acts of family or dating violence or any acts that are reasonably likely to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass you or a family/household member; * stop all communication with you or a family member (directly or through a third party) or stop communication made in a threatening or harassing manner; * stay away from your home or place of employment or those of your family or household member; * stay away from a school or daycare center that a child protected under the order attends; * complete a battering intervention and prevention program or attend counseling with someone who specializes in family violence; * follow any custody/visitation terms in the order (Note: The judge can establish temporary custody and visitation for any children you share with the abuser); * not remove your child from your possession or from the jurisdiction of the court; * stop any transfer or disposal of property that you own or lease with the abuser; * not remove a pet, companion animal, or assistance animal from your possession; * pay child support or spousal support for the time you have the protective order; * leave your home or other specified property (if certain conditions are met) and allow you to remain there - see Can the abuser be removed from the home? id=592&state_code=TX&open_id=all#content-14769] for more information; * not possess any firearms (unless the person is a peace officer actively engaged in employment as a sworn, full-time paid employee of a state agency) and the judge is supposed to suspend the abuser’s license to carry a handgun if s/he has been found to have committed family violence; * not harm, threaten, or interfere with the care, custody, or control of your pet, companion animal, or assistance animal, or that of your family or household member; and * perform any other acts that are necessary to prevent or reduce the likelihood of family or dating violence.* Whether a judge orders any or all of the above depends on the facts of your case. A judge can consider excluding the abuser from the home and allow you to stay in the home (grant you "exclusive possession") if the home is: * jointly owned or leased by you and the abuser; * owned or leased by you; or * owned or leased by the abuser and s/he has an obligation to support you or to support your child.* If you are asking that the abuser be excluded as part of a temporary ex parte protection order, you must prove all of the following through your affidavit and testimony: * you currently live in the residence or you have lived there within the 30 days before you filed the application; * the abuser has committed family violence against you or a member of the household within the 30 days before you filed the application; and * there is a clear and present danger that the abuser is likely to commit family violence against you or a member of the household again.** Note: If you are asking for exclusion as part of a temporary ex parte order, the judge can postpone the hearing until the end of the same day in order to call the respondent and give him/her the opportunity to be present in court when the court resumes the hearing.** * Tex.

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statute_id=5716#statute-top], indecency with a child [/statutes_detail.php? statute_id=5717#statute-top], sexual assault [/statutes_detail.php? statute_id=5713#statute-top], or aggravated sexual assault [/statutes_detail.php? statute_id=6060#statute-top]) * forcing or encouraging the child to engage in sexual conduct [/statutes_detail.php? To determine if a dating relationship exists, the judge will consider: * the length of the relationship; * the nature of the relationship; and * the frequency and type of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship.** If you meet the definition of dating violence, as explained above, continue reading this section for more information about applying for a family violence protective order.*** Note: If you commit violence to protect yourself or your children and the court believes you acted in self-defense, then this is not dating violence.** * Tex. The court may not grant all of your requests, so be sure to read your order carefully to see what specific protections the judge ordered.

11, 85th Legislature, Regular Session, for amendments affecting this section.

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