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There are a number of small buildings which remain around this Hangar and it is pleasing to see that some of the old Instructional Markings remain on the walls. Other Squadrons which operated from here were numbers 59 and 86. The photograph above shows one of the runways which remain at Ballykelly and from this view if you turn 180 degrees you will see the light shown on the left which is a Second World War vintage "Soup Dish" A3 used for Runway Approach Lighting and dating from 1942. Shown below is a strengthened aircraft building which is near the runway and I believe is known as a Fromson Hangar.To the right is a view of the inside of this Hangar. Shown following its conversion from a Mark IC aircraft by fitting ASV Mark II anti-submarine radar, (the censor has removed the aerial-array on the top of the fuselage, but left the wing mounted aerials uncensored). As with a number of other airfields it was necessary to have the airfield operating even before the building contract was complete. The airfield at Eglinton has had a number of titles. There are also some of the accommodation huts which remain along with some hangars at the nearby small industry.To the left is the Board which showed "Enemy Forces" and was on display in the Operations Block at Limavady Airfield. In August 1941 it became home to 120 Squadron of the Royal Air Force Coastal Command flying Liberators however they then moved to R. In the case of Ballykelly the main completion date was September 1942 with supplementary completion in October 43 however it became operational in June 1942 with 220 Squadron, Coastal Command flying Fortresses. Pilot Officer Arch Liddell Witeless (Operator / Air Gunner)The picture was taken in November 1943 and the 59 Squadron Broken Wheel symbol is clearly visible. It was initially surveyed by the Air Ministry Airfields Board in July 1940 and subsequiently constructed by the Royal Engineers to become R. I hope you can see the old painting on the wall beside this Notice.

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