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14-Sep-2019 21:58

“ very quickly but you’ll have her hounding you for sex… The art of dirty talking to girls and how to do it properly, so that you can have her in your bed with just one text. Girls need to be able to trust you implicitly and feel extremely comfortable in your presence before you can start talking dirty to them.

texting you at all hours, calling you, messaging you on Facebook… Also if you can do this with multiple women, it can lead to a very healthy sex life for you. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s first answer a common question… This means building rapport, comfort and attraction over weeks.

You'd think in this day and age where most women are able to embrace their sexuality, admitting they like dirty talk wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Sext queen," everyone else took to keeping their thoughts on the matter hush-hush. Sometimes it's silly and makes me laugh but, it's usually very empowering using words and phrases you don't generally use anywhere else. I've come to the conclusion recently that I like talkers.

Some even asked that I change their first name, because Bring It On"I saw your FB post about dirty talk, so I wanted to respond and say... It keeps me mentally engaged,” says Fabel, 26."I love it. I am happy to help you with this scientific study," says "Ellen", 27. The only time it totally failed in the throes was when a guy asked what I'd do if all the men I had just been on a work trip with had showed me their d*cks..." says "Marilyn", 35."It's fun and definitely a turn-on as long as it doesn't get too wordy or... This goes for both guys and gals: use the 'bad' words ... I've had experience with that and it's an awkward buzzkill. I don't care if you're balding with a beer belly, if you say something nasty to me as if you were a porn star, I'll believe it! The talk is usually a little dirty, but I'm not sure how dirty.

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Just keep in mind that every woman has two sides to her nature.

In public, she doesn’t want to look like a “slut” due to the social pressure and programming placed on her by the culture.

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