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15-May-2020 15:22

So maybe this is coming from the place of a Siwon fan who doesn’t think his “gentlemanly act” is 100% “fan service” (he has accounts of how polite and mature he is dating back to middle school from anyone who has ever known him, not to mention it is literally his image in Super Junior, to the extent that the members have been teasing him about how seriously he takes courtesy and manners for over ten years; once i saw knetz joke about how next he’ll have an article about saving puppies and then he actually saved a puppy), but some of the things in his WGM really bother me because they seem ridiculously scripted and out of character?We don’t know what Siwon is like with dates and girls, of course, but he’s so calm and patient with Super Junior members when there are misunderstandings or fights (and I always see Hae poking and prodding him randomly in concerts, and the interactions are cute, but soooo much tolerance on his end honestly) that I can’t see him, whether he really moves that fast or not, being that forward in real life.(I don’t want to pretend that we know the actual Siwon, but it’s his reputation from anyone who ever speaks about him.

Super Junior became one of the first idol groups in South Korea to have a married member when Sungmin got married in September.

The thought bubble where they played her VS shoots in his head was so stupid omg.

They had no idea what he was thinking irl, and it’s stuff like that that reminds me that this is really scripted.

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Actress A is usually a leading lady with a lively personality, while singer B (likely Gary) is someone whose new songs regularly top the charts.