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Not having a fella is most definitely not going to change that.If you know me at all, you’ll know that Parks and Rec is my absolute favorite.I want to be a Leslie Knope/Donna/Ron Swanson hybrid when I grow up. From my bestie of 27 years, to my college ladies, to the babes in Texas who know me better than most, these friendships matter. I am fiercely loyal to these ladies, and my life is so much brighter because of them.Which means Galentine’s Day is right up there with Christmas. My definition of happy is to surround myself with folks who keep me sane. What better day to celebrate our friendship than Valentine’s Day?Same thing for creating a dating site, you must keep in mind some considerations on how to increase the dating website’s traffic and page rank.Here are some of the most effective ways to increase traffic on your dating site: Social networking – This is simply described as joining a social networking site like Facebook, Google , etc. I was on a date (of sorts) last night and he mentioned running to Mexico because, “Fuck Valentine’s Day.” While I am always a fan of impromptu trips to sunny places, I laughed at him.

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Having joined, everyone is free to browse the profiles of American singles, but to respond to particular profiles you must upgrade.All you would have to do is select whether you are a man or woman and who you are looking for, then select your state and click the button.If live this would take you directly to listings of available American singles.Whatever the case, I’ve been with my fair share of men that had an unhealthy relationship with booze. I have a weak spot for whiskey and beer, and it’s hard for me to turn down an invitation to grab drinks.

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That being said, I know my family history, I’ve heard the horror stories, and my type A personality has a firm grasp on where to draw the line. If there were ever a time to throw up one of those cliché cartoon magnets that says “life is too short to not eat chocolate and drink wine”, it would be now.Creating a dating site means a lot of work to be done.