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24-May-2020 16:48

The refurbished facility serves the needs of the youths and community in the area and provides for a more conducive work environment for the staff.

Punggol Promenade embodies the spirit of Green infrastructure—as a waterfront promenade and public park, it serves to bring people closer to nature and the sea, and also holds the potential to enhance their quality of life through providing avenues for recreation and places for shade and shelter.

There are remarkable similarilities between Durham Cathedral's Sanctuary Knocker, and dragons that appear in Chinese art and architecture. Motifs often travelled from one culture to another through portable objects like ceramics, textiles, and metalware. For, example, the treasury of Durham Cathedral includes a "Byzantine" silk, dating from around the tenth century.

Dragons often appeared on Chinese silk, which was much coveted and came west via the silk route.

Around 1913, the wife of one of the Durham Bishops, Ella Henson, acquired a collection of Chinese art, including some textiles with dragons, and painted wallpaper now in the Dean of Durham's residence.

Human nature has not changed much over the centuries - the exotic would have been just as appealing in the eleventh century, as it was in the 20th, and as it is today.

Letters on silk, dating possibly from Han times, have been found together with paper in a watchtower of a spur of the Great Wall. The emperor Chin’in Shih Huang [Qui Shi Huang] set himself the task of going over daily a hundred and twenty pounds of state documents. “The first step was probably a sort of paper or near-paper made of raw silk.

We constantly pick up objects and ideas when we travel, and appreciate things that look different.The makers of the sanctuary knocker may have never seen a Chinese silk themselves, but could have been inspired by other objects that in turn, were inspired by Chinese, or eastern art.A dragon on a nineteenth-century Chinese silk acquired by the wife of Bishop Henson around 1913.The project also offers a tourism experience for visitors, and provides an opportunity for students to learn about space technology.

Silk weaving hub Varanasi, India is one of the oldest living cities on earth with an ancient tradition of handwoven silk dating back to the 14th century.Join them as they climb into mountain tombs that preserve evidence of strange rituals designed to ward off the restless spirits of the dead.

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