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“Women’s work” has three dimensions, each of which interacts with the others: First, women concentrate in certain fields and men in others.

No matter where you live, the work women do reflect existing gender roles and the potential for gender equality.

Today, men and women work in different jobs, for different pay, and face different tradeoffs between their work and family – differences that systematically disadvantage women.

The lingering image of the Summer of Love has been one of bare-breasted flower children making love in patchouli-scented crash pads, sharing their food, their money and their partners. 'From idealism to despair' Many problems have been glossed over in the psychedelic, Jefferson Airplane, “make love, not war” sheen the era has received, not least of which was the soaring rate of sexually transmitted diseases. From 1964 through 1968, the rates of syphilis and gonorrhea in California rose 165 percent, according to published reports.

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“There was a lot of drug use, group sex, communal sex,” says Dr.In the event that we get something wrong, we would like to know about it.