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21-Jan-2020 09:16

Workshops, demos, play party, presentation, pot luck get togethers, events, and more including many general BDSM practices also.

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The suspect walked into the Thriftway Harvest Market store in Estacada Oregon, at around 2.15pm on Sunday afternoon and stabbed the employee, who had to be airlifted for treatment.

Newspaper headlines and magazine covers and reporters and talk-show hosts and families joking in the car and around the breakfast table and on the couch as they watch her on TV will quote her, now and for years to come—or at least they will think they are quoting her.

But they will say, without fail, the one thing she didn’t say: “Why me?

-Everyone- is welcome no matter how or what Your practice may be.

Most functions will be child friendly and encouraged.

Ehemann und Vater David Webb, der zum Zeitpunkt der Tragödie unterwegs war, reagierte fassungslos: „An einem Tag die Frau und den Sohn zu verlieren!