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Teen parents: Erica Shyrock, 19 (left), and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Charles Elliott (right), have been charged with child endangerment after their newborn baby daughter suffered up to 100 rat bites while in their care An emergency room nurse told the responding officers that the girl was 15 days old and weighed just 5lbs.

An examination has revealed that the infant had 75 to 100 rat bites all over her body, including on her arms, fingers, hands and face.

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Due to the region's unique cultural and historic heritage with slavery, the American South has been prominently involved in numerous political issues between Democrats and Republicans faced by the United States as a whole, including States' rights, slavery, Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement.Democrats had regained power in most Southern states by the late 1870s, and began to pass laws to restrict black voting in a period they came to refer to as Redemption.