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27-Dec-2019 13:39

Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir, from the centre-right Independence Party, nursed her 6-week-old daughter at the podium of the Alþingi parliament on Wednesday, while explaining her vote on new immigration legislation to colleagues.

Although the northern European country has an extremely relaxed attitude towards breastfeeding in public, it was the first time an MP had fed her child while actually addressing parliament.

"Then another MP was giving statements on a bill that I put forward on the behalf of the Judicial Affairs Committee, to which I had to respond.

So I either had to tear the baby girl of me and leave her crying with the MP sitting next to me or just take her with me and I thought it would cause less disturbance to take her with me”.

The first community-based, non-profit breast milk bank has opened in the state of New York.

The organisation, which collects, sorts and pasteurises breast milk from donors, ships it throughout the state to premature babies who are most in need.

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The centre needs 200,000 ounces of milk just to feed the babies most at risk in the state.But Ms Konráðsdóttir reportedly declined the offer.