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I also would warn job seekers to beware of yahoo messenger interviews. I received the email from Joseph Boyd who told me to set up a yahoo messenger name and add [email protected] told me to sit on line from 8am - 3pm and she would interview sometime in that period.Between 20 a piece of surveillance software called Optic Nerve took still images from Yahoo webcam chats and stored them on GCHQ databases. According to the 's report, the documents also show that the intelligence agency had problems making sure that the images weren't seen by staff members -- between 3 percent and 11 percent of images were described as containing "undesirable nudity".So it looks as though the webcam paranoia of tele-masturbators is entirely founded.I also would warn job seekers to beware of yahoo messenger interviews.The first I received the "manager" that was interviewing me had so many misspelled words and was so unprofessional I thought this has to be a scam and I ended the session and told them I wasn't interested.

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The Guardian piece has picked out a wonderful quote from one of the leaked documents: "Unfortunately ... The tired young entrepreneurs slump in a pair of cheap desk chairs set against a blank blue wall, facing an unblinking camera lens.Yang, earphone in one ear, black wires taped down his back, manages a smile; he is, after all, the salesman or the pair, the guy who takes the message of Yahoo! Filo, similarly wired and taped, looks utterly trapped, like a downed American pilot in a forced videotape would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person.

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Also, the fact that the Yahoo software allows more than one person to view a webcam stream without necessarily sending a reciprocal stream means that it appears sometimes to be used for broadcasting pornography." Bless. A spokesperson gave this statement to uk: "We were not aware of nor would we condone this reported activity.A couple of guys with pocket protectors and a glint in their eyes invent some garage software, round up some venture-capital financing and go on not only to make millions but also to change the outlines of the world, at least technologically speaking. version of the fable began in a trailer at Stanford, where Yang, 27, and Filo, 29, shared a tiny office that contained two desks, two computer workstations, several sets of golf clubs and a sleeping bag they took turns using.