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11-Jun-2020 13:35

This may be one of the best moments in RHONY history. Somehow despite Luann storming out and Dorinda storming out, everyone is back at the table when we return from the break.Now Dorinda has moved into her crying victim drunk place.Before we get started, Ramona made Page Six today for having a major meltdown in the Hamptons. I covered this scene live but I can’t seem to find the darn post and I am delaying Big Brother to recap this in real time, so I have no more time to waste looking for it! The ladies bash Ramona for a bit and then, Sonja out of the blue claims both Dorinda and Ramona both wanted to do Tipsy Girl. Peter did reach out to Dorinda and Ramona and neither of them were dumb enough to do it.

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Where the Buffalo Roam (performer: "Where the Buffalo Roam", "Troubador of the Prairie", "Longside of the Sana Fe Trail", "Home on the Range", "Shoot the Buffalo") / (writer: "Where the Buffalo Roam", "Troubador of the Prairie") Frontier Town (performer: "Old Cayuse", "Yip, Yip, Yowie, I'm an Eagle", "Give Me a Horse, a Saddle and You", "The Cowboy's Lament (Streets of Laredo)", "Old Brass Wagon") / (writer: "Old Cayuse", "Give Me a Horse, a Saddle and You") Riders of the Rockies (performer: "Song of the Open Range", "Arizona Rangers", "Riders of the Rockies", "Home on the Range" - uncredited) / (writer: "Song of the Open Range", "Arizona Rangers", "Riders of the Rockies" - uncredited) Sing, Cowboy, Sing (performer: "Goodbye Old Paint, I'm a-Leavin' Cheyenne", "Get A Horse and Saddle", "Sing, Cowboy, Sing", "Twilight Reverie" - uncredited) / (writer: "I'm A Natural Born Cowboy", "Sing, Cowboy, Sing", "Twilight Reverie" - uncredited) Hittin' the Trail ("Hittin' the Trail", uncredited) / (performer: "Hittin' the Trail", "Blood on the Saddle", "Headin' For Town", "The Vagabond Song" (aka "The Renegade Song"), "I'm a Natural Born Cowboy" - uncredited) Headin' for the Rio Grande (performer: "Headin' For the Rio Grande", "The Night Herding Song", "A Campfire Love Song", "Jailhouse Lament") / (writer: "Headin' For the Rio Grande", "The Night Herding Song", "A Campfire Love Song", "Jailhouse Lament") Song of the Gringo (lyrics: "My Sweet Chiquita" (1936), "Rye Whiskey" - uncredited) / (music: "My Sweet Chiquita" (1936), "Rye Whiskey" - uncredited) / (performer: "Out on the Lone Prairie" (1936), "My Sweet Chiquita" (1936), "Sam Hall", "Rye Whiskey" - uncredited) [Asked on "The Dick Cavett Show" if being named "Tex" had a negative effect on his unsuccessful run for the US Senate in Tennessee.] Well, Tennessee is the mother of Texas. "The surgery made me feel better." As for the second procedure?