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We know it’s not easy, especially at a certain age but to be honest, I hear my friends in their 30s saying: "Where the heck can I meet him when I’m surrounded by smug married couples? This is where the Kingdom of Hearts comes in handy.

"It’s important for us to get to know our clients," says Kate, "We assess as much as possible because our clients are serious about finding love and that’s why they come to us for help.

Research efforts are ongoing to develop an effective screening test and better drugs to combat this deadly disease.

It is through the research funding support provided by the Queen of Hearts Foundation that these goals are likely to be achieved in the near future.

The house behind the club at 905 Ann Banks Street was owned and occupied in the 1960s by blues singer-guitarist Johnnie Temple, who had been a popular recording artist in Chicago in the 1930s and ‘40s.

Jackson became an important center for the blues in the early 1900s, when musicians from rural communities came here to play for crowds on the capital city’s streets and in its many venues.

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We are the only foundation in Southern California specifically dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research projects. The Queen of Hearts Foundation is looking for 125 people to join us and donate to honor a special woman in your life. 5TH ANNUAL LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH AND LEARN SPEAKER’S LUNCHEON AND CHIC BOUTIQUE Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 10AM-3PM THE PACIFIC CLUB, NEWPORT BEACH FEATURING A CONVERSATION WITH Dr. La Ferla “Researching Ways to Make Memories Last a Lifetime” If organizations like Qo HF hadn't been doing research on my specific kind of cancer 15 yrs ago, I wouldn't be here today. The difference is that everyone is met personally and Kate Shuttleworth and her team spend at least an hour with those in search of a partner.