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The finish on this version, however, is stainless steel and unblued.

The third Circuit Judge is similar, but cannot fire 2.75 shells; otherwise, and this version has a 22 barrel.

The user can also display, cursor, and annotate swept sine data in the same display as random data.

In addition to importing data, Data Explorer allows export of data via "cut and paste" into spreadsheet programs.

Data Explorer can import data from any system that writes to Universal File Format (UFF) Type 58, including finite element analysis and modal analysis systems.

Time and frequency data of different sample rates and bandwidths may be overlaid and compared on the same graph.

Yet another Circuit Judge uses the revolver base, but is operated by lever action.

The Circuit Judge Tuffy has a skeletonized synthetic stock with a recoil pad, a fore-end with a short length of MIL-STD-1913 rail underneath, a split rail atop the cylinder strap, and a true pistol grip.

Data Explorer Data Explorer provides a link between CATS powerful data analysis and report generation capabilities and other test and analysis systems.

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Receiver finishes are color-case hardened or blued; even on the color-case hardened models, the barrels, magazines, butt plates, levers, and triggers are all blued.

The Blue Rifle has a large, loop lever of a style originally made for use from horseback.It does have sights a gold-bead front sight and a buckhorn rear. ) has a steel plate, so theoretically could be fired from the shoulder, but the short LOP really prevents this in anyone bigger than a child.