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28-Feb-2020 06:52

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Now, news has emerged that Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers have been falling victim to the well-known social engineering trick.

The cyberattack, which is believed to have been coordinated by members of Hamas, has been successfully using fake profiles of attractive women to get spyware onto Israeli soldiers’ devices.

This should be sufficient for daily expenses (1 light meal a day), not including gifts/souvenirs.

American Express is not generally accepted in Israel so don’t count on using that as a credit card.

Rock stars garner far more media attention than academics, of course, so trying to prevent bands from playing in Israel is a key component of isolating Israel not just politically but culturally. Thus it was a major public scandal to Western activists (particularly in Europe) to find out that Radiohead wasn’t on board with it.

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On Wednesday the band will play in Israel for the first time in 17 years.