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Example below, one of the first 12-inch microgroove LPs from Prestige manufactured 1956, Van Gelder mastered – hand-written initials RVG – and pressing by Abbey Manufacturing (AB) The NYC label ran for two years and issued many historically important recordings of Bop, notably Miles Davis, many of which went on to second and subsequent pressing, hence the stature of the NY label as the mark of early pressings. After some years issuing 10″ microgroove records (and 78’s in the case of Blue Note) , in the mid 50’s both independent jazz labels moved into the new 12″ format, marked by Prestige with the Yellow/Black “Fireworks” Label.This isn’t surprising, as you’re generally only stingy with things that you have in short supply.Things that you have in abundance are easy to be generous with.It’s just a fact, backed up by hard science and the battled-tested experience of social dynamics and marketing in the business community. Some key findings from a study at UCLA included: What does this mean? Rather, they prefer men who earn the respect and indeed the admiration of their peers.The truth is, you’re already a high-value man; the trick is realizing this, then creating even more value by giving some of your endless resources to those around you. Dominance Versus Prestige The “alpha male” front relies largely on showing dominance. Generosity was a trait that was particularly valued in the study and a good indicator of how to attract a woman worth attracting.But 20 years later, that diverse pool of potential daters hasn’t grown broader and deeper—it’s been subdivided into stupidly specific zones.

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The term “later pressing” is probably the most accurate way to describe what is clearly not a first pressing but still an “original Prestige”, that is, from within the period of Prestige Records ownership, prior to its sale to Fantasy Records in the early Seventies..

There are indications from label typography whether records within the NYC label period are first/ early pressings or later pressings .

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