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The sacrifices prescribed by the Vedas had assumed a cumbrous shape. The Vedic religion had become very complex and degenerated into superstititions,dogmas and rituals.

They were very complicated and a source of wastage of time, energy and money.3. The Vedic mantras were unintelligible and beyond the intellect of the average person.5supremacy of the Brahmins created intellectual confusion and dominated every aspect of the life of the Aryans.6.

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They protested against tyranny of the priests, the ritualistic form of religion, the brutality of caste, the dominance of Brahmins, etc.

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Choti Patan Devi Temple is a beautiful Hindu shrine situated at Patna City Chowk, in Patna, Bihar.

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The temple consists of the black stone idols of Goddess Kali, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati.

They advocated social equality, justice and freedom, both for men women; rejected the Vedas and the Vedic rituals; denounced sacrifies and propagated the doctrine of non-violence, non-accumlation and love.