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01-Feb-2020 07:59

This article will show you how to update the username and/or password in the settings for most modems purchased recently through Westnet.

If your modem was purchased elsewhere, please check the manufacturer's website for a setup guide or support information.

Find Error Solutions Solution :- You Have to provide the FLASH Code, which can be generated by IMEI. Solution :- Reason For Error :- Error Code 16 Update Fail caused because some error occurred during the upgrade or your modem is not support the firmware version Solution :- We can solve the error code 16 by just try to update firmware again and if it is not solved we can not use that firmware version with Modem.

Read :- How To Calculate Flash Code For Huawei Modem Reason For Error :- “The wireless terminal inserted is not firmware,update wizard can,t work on” this error may cause because your modem can not support the firmware you are trying to update Solution :- You have to find different version of Firmware Version For you modem, you can not update the unsupported firmware version. Reason For Error :- Error Code 10 Find Port Failed can be caused because the application port is used by another process Solution :- Reason For Error :- Reason For Error Different C version.

Logged in to the router and did the same thing there. Remembered that I had changed the password not long ago, so logged into Bigpond website on my phone and made doubly sure of what I changed it to.

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Hi, go to your router find the rest button in the back u gotta press it with like a pen usually press it, wait like 20 seconds for it to reboot, unplug the power source to your modem and your router, plug the modem power back in, then wait like 20 seconds and plug the router power back you don't have a computer directly plugged into the router via Ethernet cable, plug your laptop in or use ur any computer plugged directly into the routerthen go to start - runtype in "cmd" w/o quotesthen type in "netstat -n" w/o quotesa list of IP's ur connected to is going to pop up, one is going to go 192.168.x.x find that one it usually or up internet explorer type in ect w/e the address was in the command prompt window, its going to ask you for the user name and pass to get into your router, it usually like admin and the password is password, but if you dont know just google Zyxel router default password, type that password in then your into the router setup, then set up your wireless and set up a new WEP.Get stuck in the middle or if you have any questions, let me know your thought in the comment below. He is passionate in writing about software tutorial and how-to guide including tips, reviews, and all tech related things.Appreciate the knowledge, let your friends know about this post. Follow his works here or contact him through this form for any inquiry.Are you facing error like error code 2, error code 19, The wireless terminal inserted is not firmware,update wizard can,t work on or any else during the firmware update in Huawei 3g Usb modem ?

Then here you will find the solution for your Error. You do not have the authority of the administrator.Is there one where I change my basic login details and another where I change the password I enter into my router? As previously indicated in this thread, the modem has two passwords. When you use your browser to access the modem, it will request a user name and password.