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17-Feb-2020 11:52

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Those, at least, are among the findings of a team of academics led by University of Chicago psychologist John T.Cacioppo who parsed a Harris Interactive survey of more than 19,000 Americans married between 20.During the actual date, you’ll receive constant real-time dating advice generated by machine-learning algorithms.Your household appliances will tweet constantly about your relationship status—if they ever stop this, you will feel unaccountably melancholy.Online, via phone apps, there are several ways that our generation has gotten used to using technology to find love (or simply a little fun); but this latest way of dating will definitely take some getting used to: Virtual Reality dating.Before any ideas of the movie Her or any other science-fiction type scenario you might be thinking of comes to mind, the concept for this is more simple (yet still complex) than you would think."You can imagine how, with augmented reality, that experience could happen in the room, in real time.The impact is profound as these devices get closer to your senses, to your eyes, to your experiences."What a time to be alive.

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Your augmented reality contact lenses will instruct you where to find persons selected in accordance with biometric projections, sample comparisons, and Wikileaks data.

That modern-day matchmaker, the Internet—both through its traditional channels and the explosion of online dating sites—is where a third of recently-married American couples first started sparking.

Dating sites, start trumpeting the news: it turns out those cyber-fueled marriages are a bit happier and more durable than those begun via less electronic means.

Programs on your phone will decide for you when and where to date—and also who, based on their browsing history.

The attractiveness of the soulmate you’re assigned will be proportional to the number of advertisements you agree to watch first.Despite the gloomy premonitions that met its release a few years ago, Tinder isn't actually the dark harbinger ringing the death knell of modern romance.