No more dating pigs you are what you date

22-Dec-2019 10:40

” We saw each other sporadically over the next three months or so, always in Seattle, and the evening usually ended with him slipping some organic vegetables from his farmers market stock of the week in my purse.

And that’s a super-romantic thing for a partner, which is great because people are generally excited about dating me.

So when you think you've finally found the one, whether it's your boyfriend or husband, you're psyched.

Until you start noticing signs your SO is a man-child.

For example, a man who believes a woman should be protected, cared for, and admired might not seem sexist except such men are unlikely to feel comfortable with a woman who significantly out-earns them.

Sure, some women might want a partner who protects them, cares for them, and admires them but they would probably also want the option of being successful without it causing him to feel resentment, insecurity, and hostility.

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They seem fun, boisterous, and act like they don't give a sh*t.Most women would probably want to know if the man they’re dating is potentially sexist and the following tips should help them do so.