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02-Sep-2019 13:56

He suffers from severe anxiety and digestive disorders, along with extreme allergies and panic attacks.But in his junior year at Drew University in Madison, N.

Now he is suing Drew for assuming he was guilty from the outset and treating him as such until it was determined he was innocent. Parisi is one of at least 30 men who are striking back against campus rules on sexual assault that deny them due process by assuming their guilt. This reversal of one of the bedrock principles of the American justice system stems from a bizarre interpretation of the Title IX provision in the Education Amendments of 1972 designed to protect women from discrimination.

Section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code, enacted by the state of Texas during spring 2007, applies to students who enroll in a public institution of higher education as a first time freshman in fall 2007 or later.