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“Although we had no scenes together, the all-British crew teased me relentlessly when they noticed how often Belafonte — who was married — threw me suggestive glances…He was mesmerising, and we soon began an affair, away from prying eyes, in my tiny apartment.

But, after a few exciting liaisons, we knew we had to cool it.

“The act, if you can call it that, was awful and degrading.

He ripped off my clothes when I was unconscious and I was violently sick afterwards.“However, because I’d ‘done it,’ which nice young girls seldom did then, I attempted to wipe the incident from my mind and actually started dating him. At just 18, I was about as au courant in the ways of the world as 11-year-olds are today.”Collins went on to wed the Irish actor in 1952, and the couple split in 1956.

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She starred in a number of musicals, including West Side Story and Gypsy, and later turned to television roles after becoming pregnant with her first child, Natasha, in 1970.More About Age: 48 Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States of America Profession: Nude Glamour Model, Fashion Model, Model, Supermodel, Actor Credits: Pollock Rumor has it that Warren Beatty was romantically involved with Carol Alt in 1990.

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