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She had walked pretty much all the way in before she noticed him so it wasn't a case that she could just back out and call the police. The teenager looked up, his head still surrounded by that damned hood and stared insolently at this woman, whose house he had invaded. Cole because it has your sons fingerprints all over it, and I thought you'd like to know that." "What!? Funny how I got this footage that puts him at the scene in the gang." With that he flipped on the Cole's TV and played a DVD he had burned, it was grainy footage taken off his mobile phone but it was clearly Zack and he was in a group of kids that swarmed forward. " Kimberley reeled back against the back of the sofa, she had not expected that. He thought it was great to embarrass me and my friends in class.Besides just as she stared at the figure he looked up and Kimberley recognised him as Curtis, a boy her son had been hanging about with for a few weeks now. The stare was meant as a challenge, as an assertion of his position and when it was accompanied by him pulling an object from his pocket and dropping it hard on the glass coffee table it made Kimberley nearly jump out of her skin. " she was scared now, the boy had a gleam in his eye that she did not like one bit, she was already considering inching towards the door. Curtis paused the picture on the clearest shot of her son and Kimberley collapsed onto the sofa her hand to her mouth, in shock. The shock of learning about what her son had been up to (she didn't believe Curtis that he had actually done it but she could not deny the footage she had just watched) had knocked her for a loop and now for this coloured teenager to make this demand she was totally thrown by it. Thought he could get away with humiliating the black kid. NOW GET OVER HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH AND START BLOWING ME! " His voice was urgent and demanding and threatening and Kimberley almost involuntarily dropped to her knees of the sofa and crawled over towards the teenager.

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Donald Trump can be gauche, boorish, thin-skinned, bombastic and simplistic.When she recovered enough to demand again what it was he wanted and what it was he had just nearly broken her table with he smiled as he heard the tremor in her voice. Her mind raced as she thought about the terrible repercussions this could have on Zack and his future. His eyes looked at her mockingly loving every minute of the older, white woman's capitulation."That, Mrs Cole is the knife used in the stabbing of that old guy in Park Avenue last week." Kimberley paused for a moment as her mind went back to watching the TV news report on the incident where a pensioner was mugged and stabbed by a gang of youths, he was going to be OK but it had been an incident that had flamed local passions against this so-called youth mob culture and she and her husband had castigated the culprits and demanded they faced harsh justice if ever caught. She could not allow him to be exposed, yet she was loathe to degrade herself like this to this piece of blackmailing shit. It was true Mr Cole was a real bastard of a teacher but seeing his lovely blonde wife crawling towards his cock more than made up for it.Though Comrade Asomugha was lucky he escaped from the mob that blocked the road at Onitsha, Anambra state, the windscreen of his car was damaged when he attempted to escape from the mob who were without any identification.

Narrating his ordeal to Vanguard Tuesday, the former ASUP President said, “I was coming from Onitsha to Asaba, along spare parts side in Onitsha, there were no policemen on the road which was empty.After mouthing the usual platitudes and pieties, it was back to parochial political business as usual for the mayor, who attempted to shift responsibility for the London Bridge atrocity on to ‘Tory cuts’ to police budgets.

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