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31-Jan-2020 13:52

DALLAS - Hours into a Wisconsin family’s trip to a five-star all-inclusive resort in Mexico, Abbey Conner was found unconscious in a swimming pool.

The 20-year-old was brain dead, and had a broken collar bone. Abbey was airlifted to Florida where she died in a hospital a few days later.

One needs to feel comforted one has made the right choice and is indeed upon the right path, after all.

Consequently, bits of wild misinformation about what goes on in the other camp often get circulated as truth because these tales serve to confirm the rightness of one’s own choice.

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Abbey’s mysterious death in Playa Del Carmen has him concerned, he said.

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Much of it bootleg liquor either infused with grain alcohol or having dangerous concentrations of methanol.

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Since 2010, the government has seized 1.4 million gallons of illegal alcohol, most of which came from hotels.

The United States Department of State requires that all Weddings Certificates from ceremonies performed in the Caribbean, including Mexico, have the Apostille Seal.