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Sharapova contends that she didn’t know the drug had been banned, but an ITF panel ruled that she bore ”sole responsibility” and ”very significant fault” for the positive test in upholding her suspension.Coincidentally, Berman reports that the NBA will add meldonium to its banned-substance list in time for the coming season.

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So that Serena said those statements to Venus on the phone and the writer decided to publish them is only a big deal because it got out in public.

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Check out a few pictures of her in the related links section, one in her athletic outfit from a few years ago and the other in a glamorous leather skirt where she has gotten taller and added more muscle.Williams said she apologized to Maria, but that was 2 days before Sharapova criticized her By Matt Cronin WIMBLEDON – What if players existed in a tennis world like many journalists do, where you publish what you mean to say and stand by it through thick and thin.