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02-Jan-2020 22:16

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He moved her from CA to Tx with a child now he breaks her down daily - for sport. can someone help about me and my Gemini buddy situation? Pisces and Taurus will compete with one another..out please/satisfy the other. Op, omg girl, my BFF has aged three years in the last 90 days. Around that time, we were tag-teaming to teach a student (no lies and no shades) but it turned out that he was the one who Background - We both don't live in the same city - He comes to my city 1-2 times a month for work - He used to text me everyday and his replies were almost always immediate So I find it puzzling that he seemed very interested in the first month over I met this Cap at work and she has just grown on me.

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So even in the case of women too they want to be complimented and pampered by the love of woman.My bff a Taurus woman- is currently dating a Pisces. He hid his true colors behind gifts and money for a very long time. From what I witnessed, it seems like a great marriage. Now she has to pay him back for the gifts he purchased. She always showed those signs of interest; trying get my attention, licking her lips, doe eyed etc.

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