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“‘happn,’ the newest, hottest dating app, is so surprising.It has come not out of Silicon Valley, or London’s fast-growing equivalent (the so-called ‘Silicon Roundabout’ on Old Street) but out of Paris., residential area around or go through some of the prominent intersection location, install one or several simulation monitor, can be very effective to deter thieves or criminals, so that they can not close!Used in conjunction with a real monitor, can greatly reduce the cost of security!Differing to open surgery where surgeons can see surgical site directly with their eyes, the surgeon who performs a laparoscopic procedure is dependent on his teammate to control the scope to acquire images from a patient’s body.

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Laparoscopic surgery, a type of minimally invasive surgery performed in the abdominal area, has become a leading advance in surgery over the past decades.Since its launch in France five months ago, happn claims to have garnered 150,000 users.