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He grew up in a multiplicity...'O'Reilly then closed out the segment by stating: 'He's the commander in chief of the United States, and his main charge is to protect us.It's not main charge as to be touchy-feely to all different cultures.' 'If the implication is that those of us up here and the thousands of people around the country and around the world who are working to defeat ISIL aren't taking the fight seriously, that'd come as a surprise to those who've spent these last 7 1/2 years dismantling al-Qaida in the FATA, for example.'[That would surprise] the men and women in uniform who put their lives at risk, and the special forces that I ordered to get [Osama] bin Laden and are now on the ground in Iraq and in Syria.Kisses Of Africa can help you find the date or relationship that fits you best, whether it be for fun, friendship, love or marriage, confident you will find the right partner for, or have fun trying. Kisses Of Africa you can search, message and live chat with hundreds of new russian girls and local or foreign men; Finding that perfect date, and forming a lasting relationship just got easier.

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" From internet cafes all over west African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal etc scammers are zeroing in on their prey - singles looking for love online. The Nigerians call them 'maghas' which is slang for gullible white people.

He went on to say during the program: 'I base my analysis on the fact that in my opinion - and I could be wrong, but I'm not - President Obama's sympathetic treatment of Muslims put the country in danger because he has not elevated the risks that we have to the level it should be.'And he allowed ISIS to be created because of his foolish decision to withdraw troops in Iraq and to pretty much run wild for five years.

So another president, angry about the jihad, would not have done that.'O'Reilly's guest, Obama: From Promise to Power author David Mendell, jumped in at that point to say: 'I think President Obama is very sympathetic to all cultures, all religions.

The scammers spend their day trolling the dating sites and chat rooms for contact emails, and then send off thousands of fraudulent letters and emails awaiting the victim's replies.

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They are offering the chance of finding true love and happiness, and there are plenty of takers!

They know full well who the enemy is.' In that interview Malik complained that he was maligned and misunderstood because he is a Muslim and a black man.

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