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The line isn't the only thing that “Starts Here,” sign guy. If it takes one more second for my Instagram feed to load I will actually lose my mind.3. It's SO PACKED they can't even let anyone new in to shop. If I have to hold this basket for one more minute I'm going to pass out. Look how her boyfriend waits in line while she picks out vegetables. Why won't anyone patiently hold my avocados like that? This movie tell story about Major Bill Cage is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously demoted and dropped into combat.Cage is killed within minutes, managing to take an alpha alien down with him."I'm surprised I was able to survive or suffer through eight years of Obama without literally going insane, but Hillary is going to be more of the same." And yet, not all militias are preparing for the worst case outcome.In an interview with Reuters, Walt Sims of the Last Ohio Militia, says his group is not a typical group of "right-wing government hating radicals", and unlike some of the other militias encountered by Reuters in its week-long reporting on armed militia groups, is "urging calm rather than predicting catastrophe." According to Sims, he did not feel at home with the other groups: "most of them we just didn't like; they were either too militant or too secret squirrel; we use the term tinfoil hat." Sims' ambition is simple: to take back the militia name from "the fringe element", and to make it a good term again.Trump has repeatedly warned that the election may be "rigged," and has said he may not respect the results if he does not win.At least one paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, has called on members to monitor voting sites for signs of fraud.

"This is the last chance to save America from ruin," said Chris Hill, a paralegal who goes by the code name Bloodagent.

"Some bad people have abused the name and twisted it to their own ends" he says,accusing them of being "really loud on the internet, but in real life not so much." Think of them as your kinder, gentler, "pacifists down the street" version of the stereotypical armed militia.