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Turtle, who so desperately wants to make it on his own, ultimately needed Vince's business skills to make his dream come true.Salvatore "Turtle" Assante, (Born August 6,1977) is a childhood friend of Vincent Chase's from Queens.Some of the best moments are already on the trailer, but they don’t disappoint: UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey locking up an armbar on a newly-svelte Turtle in a truly lopsided match to win a date; snippets of Vincent Chase’s directorial debut “Hyde”; and a pivotal heel role by Haley Joel Osment – don’t blink, you’ll spot him in the trailer.

Let's get the least interesting storyline out of the way first: Vince is still smitten with the beautiful and intelligent journalist Sophia, and he had the vain idea of making a home video comprised of his ex-girlfriends talking about how great he is.There’s nothing here to elevate what’s already in the series, but there is a lot here to tie a satisfying knot in the story of the friends/family quintet as they put another chapter to a close in their story of brotherhood, loyalty, and the capricious, often-cutthroat life of entertainers in Hollywood.Expect one last thrilling ride to cap eight seasons of rollercoasters with Jayne’s Addiction blaring on the radio."People always take pictures,” replied the actress when asked about her night out with Ferrara. It's always good to get a chance to work with your friends." But are the two, who first met back in 2004 on the independent film really just friends? Though Ramirez admits that she and Ferrara have “great chemistry,” she says it takes some time for their characters to warm up to each other.

“We were definitely hanging out and actually we were with the creator [of ] as well. When recently asked the actress directly if they're dating, she responded: "Well, I’d rather just talk about the character than who I’m dating or not dating.” Hmm, that’s not exactly a denial. “I start off as an employee, so it's not love at first sight.

) by the finale, so I guess we can be happy for him. Johnny and Turtle have suffered plenty of humiliations over the past eight seasons, but they've finally hit paydirt.