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”If there's anyone following it, they will face the law and heavy social sanctions." His announcement on Wednesday came after two gay men were publicly caned in front of baying crowds wh called on enforcers to “hit them harder” as punishment for having sex. ” The crowd reportedly cheered with each strike of the cane on their backs by five hooded executioners who swapped to prevent tiring.The couple, in their 20s, were sentenced to 85 lashes each by a Sharia court in Aceh province after being filmed by local vigilantes. One man managed to stand until the end of the ordeal, which human rights groups say amounts to torture, while the second broke down.Hebel am Ufer (HAU), a state-funded theater which sponsored Verhoeven's project, later held two town hall-style meetings to discuss the merits and failings of the project. An American in his 20s who went over to Verhoeven's cube shortly after it opened became particularly irate when he saw his chat messages and photos being read by the assembled crowd.He has threatened legal action against the artist and HAU, accusing both of entrapment.

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And Verhoeven says few have taken the time to examine the effect the app may be having on their ability to connect with other people in public spaces.