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21-Jan-2020 06:31

Homebrew enthusiasts will warn you off upgrading your PSP firmware (the built-in operating software that manages activity on your PSP) but it's getting more and more irresistible as Sony adds more features.

A big update recently included the ability to play AAC files, download video through RSS and, for those lucky few with Play Station 3s, the ability to download and play PSone games. If so, follow our guide to make the upgrade as painless as possible.

PRO CFW Website Unique Features This method works on all PSP Models.

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Step 2: Once you download the update to your computer, you need to copy it to Memory Stick Duo media.

Due to this (and probably some other reasons as well), Sony has been trying to repress homebrew as much as possible.

Where these applications could initially be run on the 1.50 firmware PSPs, users who updated wouldn’t be so fortunate.

Enabling this homebrew makes the PSP an open platform.

It allows you to add the functions and/or applications that Sony did not take care of. When you’re dealing with an open platform, piracy arises.In this article I am going to walk you through the steps required to upgrade the firmware on a PSP device.