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Product managers like Kerstin Exner are encouraged to run A/B tests whenever possible, as long as a strong business case can be made for each experiment.

One property The Guardian optimizes frequently is its dating site, Soulmates.

It’s become part of his identity, a badge he wears proudly.As a leading light of the commentariat in Asia, newsroom consultant and former alumnus of Yahoo, CNBC and Bloomberg, Alan Soon knows a thing or two about the media.Here is his roundup of developments inside the bubble this week Transformations Sentiment at the New York Times is apparently uneasy as the company pushes through a difficult re-org of its newsroom operations.They have been testing with Optimizely since early 2012 to grow online readership.

The Guardian uses A/B testing across many of its webpages and properties.With more than 6 million weekly readers, The Guardian is the third most popular newspaper globally.