Greek orthodox singles dating

05-Oct-2019 19:09

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if two blind people dating

“I don’t always go by a certain criteria — we have to follow our gut and see if it works out.

A lot of times people who we never thought would be together, end up together.

I could’ve raised our children in the Orthodox Church by myself, but how confusing would it be for them to see their parents taking Communion at different places, celebrating Pascha twice, or going to multiple services for Christmas?Please check out our SCHEDULE of upcoming events to register for our next Greek speed dating party.If there are no upcoming Greek speed dating events, EMAIL US to request one.“This was something more fun than just doing therapy.

My mother thought there was a huge gap in Greek society — many couples didn’t even know each other, and were married so many years.

It’s easy to say that “patience is a virtue” for things like waiting in line at the grocery store or the ticket counter, but not so easy when you’re eager to grow closer to God through a relationship with another.