Grandma sex dating

27-Oct-2019 06:31

Like, we need help understanding exactly WTF granny was thinking when she knit this shark blanket for her grandson and precariously positioned the fin.

Imgur user newrapson shared the image last week, and commenters understandably had a LOT to say about it.

Daughter Rachael, who flew out to Zante after her mum’s accident, said: ‘We’re so relieved.

Especially when she started using her hand and moving her legs. She’s making progress, squeezing our hand and moving her legs.

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After the incident, the 51-year-olds family were warned that there was a chance she may never regain consciousness.

However, Tracie later woke up and has since been flown back to the North East.

OTOH, we suppose we shouldn’t allow our befuddlement to get in the way of the fact that grandma knit this shark blanket out of the kindness of her heart, which is to be applauded. The kid is obviously cozy and comfortable beneath the blanket, and… We have a sneaking suspicion she’s somehow related to the mom who bought a NSFW pillow set.

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